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Titanium Dioxide Food Grade
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Titanium Dioxide Food Grade

Titanium Dioxide Food Grade

Product: Titanium Dioxide Food Grade

CAS No.: 13463-67-7

EINECS No.: 236-675-5

Packing: 25kgs net bag 

Appearance: White powder  



TiO2 %   

99.0 Min

Loss on drying %

0.5 Max

Loss on ignition %

0.5 Max

Water soluble substance %   

0.5 Max

Acid soluble substance %

0.5 Max

Lead       ppm

10 Max

Arsenic     ppm

3 Max

Antimony   ppm

50 Max

Mercury    ppm

1 Max

Zinc       ppm

50 Max

Cadmium   ppm

1 Max


2 Max

Proposed application range: Food and pharmaceutical industry: cosmetic; chemical analytically pure, reagent grade; electronic industry.

Storage: The original package is stored in the dry warehouse with roof, 2 layers of pallets can be piled.