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SHMP(Sodium Hexametaphosphate)
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SHMP(Sodium Hexametaphosphate)

Sodium Hexametaphosphate 68%

Description:White, soluble in water easily, but not in organic a fine water agent.
Analysis:Items                 industrial grade         food addtive
total phosphate %≥               68.0                      68.0
not activity phosphate%≤     7.5                          7.5
not dissolve matter%≤        0.05                         0.06
iron %≤                                0.05                        0.05
PH value                              5.8~7.0                   5.8~6.5

Uses:As for industrial grade, Mainly used as soft water agent in the solution for industrial and dyeing and boiler. Diffusant of papermaking, slow corrodent, floating agent, dispersing medium high temperature lomerant, detergarent and soil analytical chemistry rergent, for food grade ,it is mainly used as additive agent, PH adjustive agent and ferment agent, nourishment.