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Two-Day-Tour in Laojun Mountain
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In order to enhance employees' sense of belonging and cohesiveness and to create an excellent corporate culture, Henan Premtec Enterprise Corporation organized two-day spring tour activities on March 30 and March 31, 2019.

At 6:30 in the morning of March 30, all the staff took the bus and traveled to the AAAA-level scenic spot - Laojun Mountain - for more than 4 hours. After lunch at the localized farmhouse, we visited the canyon scenery - The Dream Valley. We also went sightseeing and appreciating the flourishing woods and tall bamboo bushes, a small bridge over the flowing stream, Longevity Stone and Laojun Waterfall with a drop of 150 meters.

After breakfast on March 31, we started a new day joyful trip by taking the scenic cableway to the peak of the montain, then walked to visit the Sacrifice Cliff, the South Gate to Heaven, etc. We also visited the world's largest Granite Peak, overlooking the beautiful scenery from the peak and the mountain peaks like a natural bonsai. Such as a fairyland!

This pleasant spring tour is not only enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, enhance their mutual communication, but also motivate their enthusiasm in work and arouse everyone's team awareness.